Zhengzhou University YunChuang Technology Co., Ltd.


       Building public service platform for technological small- and medium-enterprises is an important part of the national strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. An effective public service platform can guarantee the healthy development of technological SME. Zhengzhou University YunChuang Technology Co., Ltd., cofounded by the SME research center and the Asset Management of Zhengzhou University, is such a platform company for technological SME in Henan province.

       An overarching goal of YunChuang is to serve the mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The company takes the development and operation of the cloud platform ecosystem for technological SME as the basis, while treating the technological SME incubation/investment and financing services as the core business. Other value added services we provide include management consulting service, entrepreneur education and training services, technical services, etc. The company is committed to build a strong influence, both domestic and international, in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship services.

       Relying on early studies of “Henan commercial and China's geopolitical commerce chambers” and the accumulated enterprise resources in studying SME growth and strategy, a number of universities and research institutions collaborate on the project. Partners include University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Japan University. The project aims to informatize college students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects as well as alumni entrepreneur resources, and to gather mass entrepreneurial venture capital resources. Our advantages in resources and service of operating technological SME service platform are therefore highlighted.

       The company is committed to creating an "innovative, open, dynamic, sharing" ecosystem. It will be a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship projects, financing institutions and capital market services, business training and project road show activities. The platform is therefore able to promote the smooth docking of technological SME. We have developed a cloud service platform of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, equipped with rapid aggregation and remote roadshow function. The non-degree executive business management training programs have been initiated and the entrepreneurial venture cafe located in Learning Edge hall has been founded as a docking platform. A think-tank has recently been started to carry out academic research and management advisories, and to enhance the cohesive service. YunChuang is to establish an investment fund, which intends to realize the business value added through investment diversification, screening investment projects, direct investment and capital operation.

       YunChuang’s development goal is to build four service bases and a number of innovation spaces in different cities in five years, formatting the technological SME service system over Henan province.